Inside the Academy

From June-December 2017, Katie followed Class 193 through the St. Louis County and Municipal Police Academy. She received unrestricted and unprecedented access to the recruits, instructors, training and lessons. Katie’s in-depth reports focused on three recruits and their journey through the academy – from day one to graduation day. One month after graduation, Fox 2 reunited the new officers with their instructors during a live half-hour special. Katie won an Emmy for her work on this series.

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Inside the Academy Preview:


Meet Recruit Mary Mills:


Meet Recruit Octavia Hearon:


Meet Recruit Trevor Green:


Constitutional Law:


Report Writing and Physical Training:


Search and Frisk:


Traffic Stops and DWI:


Fair and Impartial Policing:


Defensive Tactics:


Pepper Spray and Taser Training:


Pursuit Driving:


Firearms and VirTra Training:


Building Searches and Active Shooter Scenarios:


Inside the Academy: Live half-hour special